Tampon Disposal

made easy with the right hygiene

Decide to be well prepared for your next period with the Good-Bye Starter Kit. orangeblue has decided to make this period of the month something special for every woman. Every woman deserves to feel good and confident in every case. This is how the Starter Kit was created, consisting of three packs of goodbye tampons, a goodbye holder and the disposal box for hygiene. In this way you have everything you need to manage your sensitive days of the month simply, elegantly and hygienically.  Tampon disposal made easy, but please environmentally friendly!

good-bye Tampons

The goodbye tampons are extremely soft due to their fleece outer layer. They also have a rounded tip for extremely easy and comfortable insertion. For a good protection the tampons adapt quickly to your body shape. Simply choose the size that suits your flow.

good-bye Tampon Disposal Box

The goodbye disposal box is the core of our kit. It helps you to get rid of used tampons in a simple and hygienic way. The disposal box is equipped with 35 small plastic bags. Here you can safely dispose of every used tampon. In this way there is no danger of unpleasant odours escaping from the box.

good-bye Tampon Disposal Box Holder

The goodbye holder is a practical dispenser for your tampons. Mounted on a wall in your bathroom, your tampons are always ready to hand.

good-bye Tampon Disposal System

This time of the month has simply become more pleasant with the help of the goodbye starter kit. It contains everything you need to start your period. At the same time, you have the comfort and hygiene you need during your period. Forget about used tampons that are disposed of improperly. Unwanted odours coming from your garbage can. Tampon boxes lying around in your bathroom or tampons that are not comfortable enough for you. Give this kit a chance and you’ll see the positive sides of these special days of the month.