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velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue

velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue

My dears, today we have a review of the body lotions from orangeblue Cosmetics, which I got the chance to try out extensively last week. Body Lotions from orangeblue, skin care for a velvety soft skin! I think this brand is interesting because it is very different from other cosmetic items. Read on to find out whether this is the case and whether I would recommend the products. velvety soft skin with orangeblue!

The Design

The design fits the brand name, in orange, blue, and white. This gives it a very pure, neutral look, which sets it somewhat apart from the colorful, lavishly produced packages used by other brands.

velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue


The design fits the content of the lotions, since the scent and the lotion itself are very mild.
The brochure promises that the cream absorbs in less than one minute without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. I used a stopwatch, and after just 40 seconds after applying it, I was able to put my pants back on without them sticking to the lotion. Various high-quality natural ingredients are used, including shea butter, almond oil, aloe vera, argan oil, coenzyme Q10, and caffeine. In addition, they do not contain either paraben or mineral oil. Each of these lotions contains 400 ml.

velvety soft skin

with almond oil body lotion

velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue

First, my favorite lotion: I’m a huge fan of almond, and I think this one is really good. It smells very natural and gave my skin the necessary amount of moisture right away. I have really sensitive skin and can’t use everything, so I’m happy to have discovered a product like this. Lotions with too many artificial ingredients often irritate my skin and worsen its condition.

I didn’t have any problems at all with this body lotion. It moisturized my arms and legs very pleasantly, without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling.

Firmer skin

body lotion anti-aging – goodbye fat

velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue

This lotion is really interesting. At first glance, I thought that at my age, there was no need for anti-aging products. But when I read the back, I realized this product was just what I needed! orangeblue Firming Body Lotion promotes skin firmness and toning by combining caffeine and Coenzyme Q10 and other active ingredients. So, in summary, you can say this lotion helps counteract cellulite, tired skin, and small deposits of excess fat after a few weeks of use.

I’m eager to see whether it works.I’ll keep you posted!

More refined appearance

body lotion with aloe vera for velvety soft skin

velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue

This lotion is more fluid than the others, and it spreads more readily over the skin. It does take a bit longer than the others to absorb, though. It has a very pleasant scent and is wonderfully nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.

velvety soft skin

with body lotion shea butter

velvety soft skin with bodylotions from orangeblue

Another pleasantly light scent that settles gently into the skin. Excellent for allergy sufferers and anyone who wants velvety soft skin and pH-neutral moisture for dry skin.



Value for the money

To me personally, 9.95 € per body lotion is a decent price. The product delivers on its promises, absorbs quickly, smells natural, and is aimed at improving the skin’s appearance on a long-term basis (which many other brands also promise, by the way, but don’t do).


Would I recommend these products?
I would recommend them to anyone who wants to nourish and moisturize their skin gently. Anyone who is looking for cosmetics that are free of animal testing, without parabens, without mineral oil, and with many natural ingredients is well served with these body lotions – and then some. I will happily use and recommend them in the future.

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