COMBINATION SKIN – skin care for combination skin

skin care for combination skin


Combination skin is the type of skin that has patches of dry skin and patches of oily skin. Thus, you will find both of these skin types on your face at the same time. Usually, the T-zone is the oily one, which means that the forehead, nose. And chin will glow more due to excess of sebum, while the sides of your face will have a tendency to get drier than they should. So, continue to read more about combination skin and learn how to take care of it in order to minimize skin problems.

General knowledge

Combination skin can be tricky when it comes to skin care. As some products will work best on your T-zone while others will be more suitable for the rest of your face. Because the T-zone produces more sebum than the rest of the face. This is also an area where problems occur, such as blackheads and pimples, plus it can glow, especially when it is hot outside. The rest of the face, however, comes in contradiction with the T-zone, being drier and even having a flaky appearance.

Thus, while the T-zone enjoys too much hydration, the rest of the areas will lack it. Also, since you have two types of skin at once. There is also the possibility of having to deal with a set of problems that is specific for each time. Thus, you can have wrinkles and fine lines in your dry areas, while pimples and clogged pores may appear in the oily areas. So, while most people have to deal with only one single type of skin. You have two types to manage at once, which makes finding the right skin care routine quite challenging.


The most frequent cause of combination skin is your genetics. So, yes, it is something that can be inherited from your parents or other close relatives, through your genetic code. This means that the genes dictated sebaceous glands that are more active in the T-zone. While the rest of the face has glands that are less active. But, you can also trigger the appearance of combination skin. If you use skin care products with a drying action too much in your T-zone, out of the desire to keep blackheads and pimples from appearing.

It is known that the forehead, chin, and nose are areas prone to the formation of blackheads. So many people use products meant to shrink the pores in these areas. But, the products used for this purpose, may also have a drying action. Which stimulates the glands of the skin to produce more sebum. Thus, the result is a more active T-zone that starts producing more oil than it is necessary and the appearance of combination skin.

COMBINATION SKIN – skin care for combination skin


It is easy to spot combination skin, as the T-zone will rapidly make its presence be felt. Approximately 20 minutes after you washed your face. Due to the cleansing action, the overly active sebaceous glands in the T-zone will start producing oil. So this section will soon start to glow. Also, if you use a moisturized dedicated for normal skin, it will work on your cheeks. Making them feel comfy and soft, but will make your T-zone appear greasy. At a closer look, it is easy to see that you have larger pores on your nose, for example, then on your cheeks and jawbone.

People with combination skin will experience acne breakouts and patches of dry skin at the same time, which can be quite frustrating. On hot weather, the T-zone will pop out immediately, as the hot weather will make it shine in no time by stimulating the production of excess sebum. Also, those that have combination skin could also deal with dandruff on their scalp, although this is not a general rule, just something that is frequently met.


When it comes to cleansing combination skin, you need to be careful, as the products you use may work great on your T-zone, but dry out too much the rest of the face. Thus, it would be best to use natural cleansers, as they don’t have any harsh chemicals that can affect the dry areas of your face. So, make sure to avoid detergents and other chemicals in the composition of the cleansers you use.

If you are wondering if exfoliation is okay, do know that it is, when done right, as every skin type requires a bit of exfoliation to remove the layer of dead skin cells. As the possessor of combination skin, when exfoliating, be gentle and careful when working your cheek areas, as they are more sensitive, and scrub more on your T-zone, which is greasier. Again, using products with natural ingredients is recommended.

COMBINATION SKIN – skin care for combination skin

You will need to use a toner to keep those T-zone pores under control, but do not use toners that have alcohol, fragrances, menthol, and other harsh ingredients. Opt for toners that are natural and will shrink your pores in a gentle manner. When it comes to moisturizing, a tricky part in the case of combination skin.

You should go for products specially created for combination skin. As those for normal skin tend to be too much for your T-zone and those for oily skin will not do much for the dry skin patches. But, do your best to choose natural, high-quality products. If you feel the need to apply a mask, which is recommended periodically. A mud mask will do, as it will take care of your pores without drying your face.

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