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Rue Wiltheim 11A
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  • Facial tonic for sensitive skinFacial tonic for sensitive skin

    Introducing Facial Tonic: the perfect way to prep your sensitive skin for the rest of your skincare routine. This alcohol-free tonic helps to stabilize your skin’s pH balance, resulting in a more even and smooth complexion. So ditch the harsh astringents and give your skin the gentle, refreshing treatment it deserves with Facial Tonic for sensitive skin.

  • Skin Hydrating Body Lotionskin-hydrating-body-lotion
    7,69 14,88 

    This delicious coconut body cream is a real moisture booster for dry, stressed or wrinkle-prone skin. The specially selected natural ingredients nourish and regenerate the skin and support the natural regulation of sebum production. This not only gives you velvety soft skin, but can also counteract blemished skin, herpes and cellulite. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and immediately provides long-lasting moisture.

  • Body Lotion PH neutralBody Lotion PH neutral
    7,69 14,88 

    Our PH neutral body lotion with aloe vera is perfect for keeping your skin from drying out and strengthening its natural protective functions. It also leaves your skin feeling toned, smooth and healthy!

  • Anti-aging eye creamanti aging eye cream

    The Q10 Anti-Aging Eye Cream from orangeblue is perfect for those who want to refresh and calm the delicate skin around their eyes. The two regenerating active ingredients make this cream perfect for anyone looking for a powerful, yet gentle, anti-aging solution.