orangeblue hand cream for dry hands! Formulated by dermatologist. As to keep hands smoothsoft and to retain moisture. orangeblue hand cream has distinctive features than others. As it is fast absorbent avoiding that unpleasant greasy sensation. dry hands? Not with the unique hand cream from orangeblue with natural seed oil!

It does not lubricate and grease on hands like other creams

This unique hand cream is not sticky in nature in fact absorbs in less than a minute. It is paraben free of oil derivative. orangeblue hand cream nourishes the hands for a long time. Perfect for mobile phone and Smartphone users! Because our hand cream immediately speak under one minute draws in. 

In any situation you can rely on when and where you use them. Ideal for care of rough and dry hands. Protects your skin by making a hydrating glove around it and prevent from direct sunlight. Deeply moisturizing and enriched with natural extracts, that maintain skin natural barrier. 

This act directly on heart of skin cells infused with key moisturizing actives of seed oils. That leave your hand even-looking, shiny and soft like velvet. A triple feature formula by healing their cracks.

Lightweight on skin as it is absorb in less than a minute. It is non-greasy as it is free of mineral oil derivative and parabens. Deeply and quickly absorbed in skin making it soft. This fast absorbing cream starts renewal process in cracked hands without leaving greasy residues on hands. And quickly nourishes your skin. 

For rough, dry, wrinkled hands orangeblue cream is ideal. Therefore best as it is made from natural extracts to keep your skin glowing. Non-greasy as it is fast absorbent, hydrated and moisturizing. Our unique hand cream keeps what others promise. 

orangeblue unique hand cream is best suitable for intensively dry hands!

A moisturizing hand cream formulated to retain moisture in rough, cracked and dry hands. orangeblue hand cream is non-greasy formula that moisturizes cracked, wrinkled and dry hands. Help to restore skin barrier and have long lasting hydration affect. 

It pampers your skin from harsh conditions and gives them a soft velvety touch and get relief from dry hands.

Available in XXL 150 ml size. It is fast absorbent cream that nourishes your skin quickly. It has intense moisturization that helps to maintain hands hydrated and healthy. Skin protector and a non-greasy formula, lightweight on the skin and the cream has a all-day hydration affect. This product is Paraben free. Enriched with Aloe Vera, antioxidants, natural seed oil extraction and has sweet fragrance.

orangeblue cream is formulated by dermatologist. Full of natural materials and agents that are healthy to keep your skin nourishing with no harmful chemicals. orangeblue hand cream is highly enriched with Aloe Vera. That has fast regenerative healing process and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Dry hands?

Restores your natural barrier with orangeblue hand cream

orangeblue hand cream is a carbamide containing cream. In addition,Allantoin is an effective moisturizing agent that keeps hands soft and smooth. The presence of urea also proves to be a useful treatment therapy for dryness. Natural extracts has been added as Shea butter that has large fraction of healing. In addition, to providing moisturization to inhibit wrinkle formation and dryness of skin. 

Mango extracts a natural skincare element act as an antioxidant. Provides an even-look to hands as it hydrate the hands keeping them soft. And this cream is enriched with natural seed oil as Almond oil. That is full of vitamin A and vitamin E that boost up your moisture and keep hands soft and gives a soft touch. 

The other natural seed oil palm kernel oil is rich in antioxidant agents as it contains large amount of vitamin E. Your hands appear younger as it slows down aging process of your hands. Panthenol an effective skin agent better roughness of skin. Hydration of skin in addition provide wound healing.

Dry hands? Not with the orangeblue hand cream 

is enriched with antioxidants as vitamin E. Act as natural remedy for skin and retain your skin hydrated. It prevents skin from UV lights and nourish your skin so it keep glowing. Apply orangeblue hand formulated cream on your hands for better results as a part of you routine. Whenever your hands are dry.  Then massage on your hands, nails, fingers and cuticles gently and nourish your skin with this formula. 

This will retain moisture in your skin and keep hands soft for long time. Removing all wrinkles and appear comparatively younger and shiny by healing them enriched with Panthenol. As this is fast absorbing non-greasy hand cream and lock moisture in your skin to rehabilitate your dry skin. 

It is formulated for daily use to boost and lock moisture in skin.

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