DRY SKIN – skin care for dry skin

skin care for dry skin

DRY SKIN – skin care for dry skin

Dry Skin it is a very difficult type of skin care, as it is a rather challenging task to keep it hydrated. So, it is a skin that feels uncomfortable and even irritated. Especially during the cold season, when the bad weather conditions make it even drier. In comparison with oily skin, which produces too much sebum. Dry skin barely produces any, which explains its dull and difficult texture. In the following lines, you will learn more about dry skin and how to take care of it in the best way possible.

General knowledge

To better understand dry skin, you need to know that normal. Healthy skin is covered by a protective layer of oil, made out of lipids that are naturally produced by the body. This layer has a protective purpose, keeping the skin safe against external factors while locking in moisture. In the case of dry skin, this layer lacks. Meaning that the skin is left without any protection against the wind, sun, and other factors, while moisture escapes very easy through the skin’s surface. This is why dry skin often has a flaky or scaly appearance. As skin cells tend to dry and die faster than in the case of other skin types.

In severe cases, dry skin can even have a cracked appearance, especially on the back of the palms, heels elbows, and legs. Thus, due to excessive dryness. This type of skin can feel itchy and uncomfortable, and if lesions appear at its surface, it will get irritated fairly quickly as well. People that deal with dry skin often feel it than actually seeing it. As this skin is capable of producing discomforts without showing any visible signs of damage. Dry skin is more visible in the case of people with a darker skin complexion. The skin flakes have a lighter, greyish color, so they can be more visible.


Dry skin is something that can be inherited genetically, so if you have people with dry skin in your family. Then it could be an explanation of why you’re having this type of skin. But, dry skin can also be developed in time, if you are using the wrong skin care products. Like harsh soaps and improper moisturizers, and if you allow the skin to be continuously aggressed by the wind, sun, hot or cold temperatures, without using proper protection.

Even hot showers can lead to the dryness of your skin. They remove the oily layer of the skin and remove moisture from your body due to its high temperature. And, of course, certain medications can lead to a drier skin, like medicines for diabetes, hypothyroidism, and psoriasis. But, with the right kind of care and products, you can soothe your dry skin and enjoy a greater degree of comfort in your own skin.

DRY SKIN – skin care for dry skin


If you have dry skin, you should experience a sensation of tightness, like your skin is smaller than it should be, pulling on the sides. This sensation is usually enhanced after you take a shower, bath, or go swimming, as water dissolved the already too scarce quantity of sebum dry skin produces. Dry skin also feels rough, looking this way as well, with skin scales visible on its surface, more or less. Due to too much dryness, this type of skin will appear flaky. Skin cells that will scale off, like having dandruff all over the place. This is also the reason that makes it itchy, dead skin cells being more visible after you scratch.

In severe cases, the skin can get irritated and red, cracking due to lack of moisture. Which can lead to the formation of wounds at its surface that can even bleed. The complexion of dry skin is usually dull, ash-like even, as there is always a layer of dead skin cells as the surface. Also, this skin type is more prone to premature aging signs, like lines and wrinkles. It is much more affected by the action of external factors due to the lack of a protective layer.


Cleansing can be tricky in the case of dry skin. You need to make sure that you’re not aggressing it more than it already is, stripping the last drops of natural oil it has. So, you should only use cleansing products specially created for dry skin. And stir away from soaps and anything that contains soaps. If you like soaking in the bathtub, you should stop doing this as it will only put additional stress on your skin. Shorten your bath and shower time and do not use hot water, as warm, comfortable water is much better for your skin. If you came across the myth that dry skin cannot go through exfoliation processes, do know that this is not a valid statement. Dry skin can be exfoliated, as it already has dry skin on the surface, so doing so will bring out the healthy skin layer.

Just make sure to be gentle during this process, using mild exfoliants. When you’re doing washing it, don’t rub it dry with the towel, but pat it to remove excess water from its surface. A great tip to remember when it comes to cleansing dry skin is to do this in a humid environment. So, doing it in the bathroom after a shower, while the steams are still present, will work great. If not, just run the shower for a while until the humidity in the room increases. This way, the air around you will contain fine water particles that will protect your skin.

DRY SKIN – skin care for dry skin

Don’t be afraid to go for moisturizers that have oils in their composition, as you need something more effective when it comes to hydrating dry skin. Using a toner is also helpful, as it closes the pores and prevents the appearance of pimples. Stay away from toners that contain alcohol, as they will dry the skin too much. You should also do not go out in the sun without applying a sunscreen.

Your skin is already dry, so it doesn’t need to sun to get even worse. And do use a SPF lip balm as well, as the lips are also part of this equation. To make sure that your skin gets the best of care. Always pay attention to the ingredients list of the skin care products you are about to purchase, making sure that they don’t contain ingredients that can harm your skin.

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