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Are you aware of the importance of using a face tonic? In case you don’t have any, you should seriously considering getting one. Of course, just like with any other skincare product, take your skin type and needs into consideration. To make some light in this case, we will treat the subject in the following lines. See how a face tonic can help and how to choose a facial tonic suitable for your skin type.

Most women have to deal with a variety of skin issues. Blackheads and pimples, and dull-looking skin. This is all due to the fact that pores get clogged with makeup residues, dust, and dead skin. So, most of the imperfections we have to face are due to clogged pores. Unfortunately, as we age, our pores get more and more dilated. This means that makeup, dust, oil, and dead skin cells find their way into the pores easier than before. Instead of using even more makeup to mask the problem, you’d better use a toner. According to dermatologists, a good facial toner will promote healthy skin and will diminish skin problems.

How will a face tonic help out?

First and above all, it will diminish the aspect of pores. At the same time, when pores are shrunk, dust and makeupparticles will not get caught inside them. So, a tonic will help avoid skin imperfections due to the enlarged pores. Besides shrinking pores, a facial tonic will also remove excess oil off the surface of the skin. This will improve the aspect of your skin, reducing that oily glow. Also, by using this product, you prevent excess oil from clogging the pores. Thus, the result will indeed be skin that looks and feels healthy.

Did you know it also helps bring back the normal pH of your skin? Probably there aren’t many women that are aware of this property of the facial tonic lotion. If we are to look at the skin’s pH, it slides slightly toward the acidic part of the scale. This is how it is, naturally. But, when we clean and wash it, the cleansing products we use can disturb this balance. The skin can go toward an alkaline pH, which is not that desirable. To restore balance on its own, your skin can produce too much oil. So, again, you can end up having skin problems. When using an adequate toner, your skin’s natural pH is returned to normal and problems are avoided.

Believe it or not, a tonic lotion will also protect your skin. 

Because it helps the pores close after a cleansing process and reduces the gaps between skin cells, it prevents dirt and other impure particles to pass. This way, skin imperfections, and wrinkles are prevented. If you are on the move and feel the need to refresh your skin, a toner will help out. It removes dust and oil from the skin, leaving it feeling fresh. Also, you can use it to restore your skin’s hydration level. Of course, you will have to opt for a moisturizing facial tonic in this case.

How to select a facial tonic lotion

You should always consider your skin type before selecting any skincare product. Only this way you can be sure that it answers your skin’s needs. Made to suit both normal and sensitive skin, the Orange-Blue Facial Toner with aloe vera is effective, refreshing, and gentle. It doesn’t contain alcohol and its formula is improved with aloe vera extract. Thus, it is calming and soothing, while cleaning and hydrating your skin.

Because the Orange-Blue Facial Tonic is a gentle product, containing no irritants, it can be used twice a day. Applied in the morning and evening, it will reduce the appearance of pores and remove excess oil. If you know your skin is dry or feel it that way, using a moisturizing cream is highly recommended.

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