Facial Tonic from orangeblue for sensitive and normal skin

Facial Tonic from orangeblue for sensitive and normal skin

Even in the case of normal skin pores can still get clogged and facilitate the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Using a facial tonic will not just help you make sure that all the dust and debris are removed from your skin. But will also diminish the pores, making it harder for dirt to get trapped inside. And create the unaesthetic blackheads. In fact, the tonic should be part of the skin care routine of every woman. As it promotes a bright, clean, smooth, and imperfection-free skin.

But, in case you are having sensitive skin, you probably know that tonics are not the best thing for your skin. This is due to the fact that most facial tonics present on the market have alcohol in their composition. It is true that alcohol disinfects and shrinks the pores. But when it comes to using it on sensitive skin, it means redness, irritations, discomfort, and even a burning sensation.

Thus, it is only normal to want to stay away from these products.

Then you should know that the orangeblue Facial Tonic for normal and sensitive skin is made without any alcohol in its composition. orangeblue uses panthenol as the active ingredient of its facial tonic, which will soothe your skin at the same time. So, even if you have sensitive skin, you can use this facial tonic as there are no risks involved.

This facial tonic also contains aloe vera extract,

which will both soothe your skin while hydrating it in a gentle manner. orangeblue did not create a tonic that will dry your skin. But one that will moisturize and protect it, making sure at the same time that impurities will not give you a hard time. While the facial tonic will minimize the pores, its hydrating properties. Will help with the loosening of clogged pores, so that the dirt trapped inside can be removed with ease.

daily skin care routine – ENJOY

So, introduce this tonic in your daily skin care routine by using it twice a day. In the morning before applying your moisturizer. And in the evening after removing your makeup, and the aspect of your skin will be significantly improved.

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