Hand Care by orangeblue

Unique care, quickly absorbed!
Velvety Soft Hands with Hand Care from orangeblue. Hand care from orangeblue – Unique care, quickly absorbed! Cold weather, wind, detergents, and cleaning substances, they all affect the health and aspect of our hands’ skin. This is why we need a hand care that is capable of proving the protection and moisturizing our hands need. orangeblue introduces on the market a hand cream that deeply moisturizes your skin, making them soft and properly hydrated, but without leaving a greasy feeling behind. Protection and moisturizing for your hands!

Velvety Soft Hands with Hand Care from orangeblue

The carefully selected hand care formula will be absorbed by your hands’ skin in no time, so you will enjoy a sensation of smoothness almost immediately, also having the ability to resume your activity, as the cream won’t make your hands greasy and slippery. Forget about cracked and rugged hands that looked like they prematurely aged, with the orangeblue hand care cream, a product that is more than capable of providing the adequate hand care every woman needs.

Paraben free
mineral oil free
paraffin free
not tested on animals
dermatologically tested

for velvety soft hands

Our Testimonials

That’s what our customers say about our hand care

Having motor oil on your hands all day, almost every day, can really hurt. As a craftsman, the skin on my hands has become thicker and cracked. Occupational injuries on my hands even healed after a few days of use.
I love my job because I meet people all the time. But I also have to put up with all kinds of weather. My hands get very dry during the cold season because they are exposed to cold wind and rain. The orange-blue hand cream is absorbed very quickly and leaves no greasy feeling. Now my hands are well cared for every day.
My wife was always complaining about my rough hands. If you work with tools and wood, staying in a dusty environment all day long, you get dry and rough skin. Luckily, I found this cream! When I apply it at the end of my working day, I feel a distinct difference in the feel of my hands. Even my wife has noticed that my hands feel softer.