step-by-step guide to use tampons

How are tampons used?

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This is how to insert the tampon:

step-by-step guide to use tampons – Hold the tampon at the round end with one hand and remove the protective film at the bottom – where the blue removal cord is- by moving the film back and forth with the other hand. Then pull apart the threads which have been rolled together. Now insert the tip of your index finger into the slot at the bottom of the tampon (where the removal cord is also located) and remove the remaining part of the protective film.

Now try to relax and find the most relaxed position possible (tip: you could, for example, put a foot on the toilet bowl rim). Using light pressure, insert the tampon as far as possible into the vagina, first upwards and then on a slant toward the back. If you can no longer feel the tampon then it is inserted properly. If this does not work right away, do not despair! Beginners in particular need a little practice.

step-by-step guide to use tampons

How to remove the tampon:

step-by-step guide to use tampons – Remove the tampon by gently pulling on the removal cord. If the tampon cannot be removed easily, it is probably not full enough. Tampons can be removed most easily when they are soaked. In this case, you should wait until it is full. Please remember that a tampon should not remain inside the body for longer than eight hours. Perhaps you could use a smaller-sized tampon the next time. Be sure to remove the last tampon at the end of your period!

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