There’s nothing like a plump, soft, and elastic skin. When our skin feel and look good, it give us the impression that we can wear anything we want. It doesn’t matter what we put on because we will feel exceptional day after day. How to make sure that our skin feels this way all the time? By hydrating it and giving it the nutrition it deserves and needs.

While being careful about our diet will help with our skin, we also need to do something from the outside and protect it as we should. We need to be fully aware that our skin is subjected, on a daily basis, to a wide range of factors. The wind, sun, air’s temperature, dust, and so on, all affect our skin. This is why we may feel it tight, dry, and uncomfortable. No matter how we put it, hydration is a must.

You deserve to feel good in your skin every single day!

This is why we created the Orange-Blue Body Lotion *Shea Butter*, a body lotion that will be quickly absorbed by your skin, so you can get dressed right away and go on with your day without feeling greasy. The lotion uses the regenerative powers of Shea Butter, which has the power to penetrate deeply into the skin’s layers and provide an adequate level of nutrition. Free of parabens and mineral oils, and with very little perfume, this lotion is suitable even for sensitive skin. Apply it in an even layer after shower and massage gently the lotion on the skin’s surface. You can get dressed right away, as its formula will be absorbed into the skin in a matter of minutes.

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