IMPURE AND OILY SKIN – skin care for impure and oily skin

skin care for impure and oily skin


IMPURE AND OILY SKIN – skin care for impure and oily skin! The skin that glows almost all the time, due to the excess sebum that is produced by the skin. The forehead, chin, and nose area are the ones that mostly glow. Plus there is the oily sensation your skin gives you each time you touch it.

Oily skin is also considered an impure skin because the pores that are open in most cases. The large quantity of sebum on its surface trigger a series of skin issues. So, let us take a better look at the oily skin and see what we can do to take better care of it.

General knowledge

Oily skin is mainly characterized by a permanent tendency to shine, especially the forehead, nose, and chin area. Although its entire surface can shine. This is due to the large quantities of sebum oily skin is producing. Which also provide a heavy skin sensation. Another characteristic of oily skin is the dilated pores. This is why this particular type of skin is more prone to skin imperfections, such as acne, pimples, and blackheads. Because the pores are so exposed and there’s so much sebum around them, there is the constant risk for them to get clogged.

So, those of you that have oily skin should have a proper hygiene routine and not just constantly fight the shiny aspect of the skin. The help of compact powders and other products, as masking the problem will not make it go away. Also, you should not consider yourself an unlucky person for having this skin type. As oily skin tends to grow old much slower than the rest of the skin types, due to its natural ability to stay moist and hydrated. Thus, wrinkles will appear much later on oily skin.


In many cases, oily skin is caused by genetics. So if your parents or someone in the family has oily skin, then this may be the explanation for your oily skin. But, it can also appear as a result of your diet, like if you like eating fatty foods. Because of hormonal changes, the cosmetic products you are using, or if you take certain medicines as a part of a medical treatment.

So, while you can change your diet and see how to bring your hormones back into balance, you cannot change your genetics. In case you have oily skin due to your genetic code. All you can do is to take care of it in the best way possible, in order to minimize the issues that come along.

As mentioned earlier, blackheads, clogged pores, and acne have higher chances to occur in the case of oily skin. Due to the fact that the pores are enlarged and dilated. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there is too much sebum on the surface of your skin as well. Which favors dirt, debris, and bacteria to get trapped inside the pores and create skin problems.

skin care for impure and oily skin


If you have the feeling that your face is “loaded” all the time and you can see your forehead, chin, and nose shinning. No matter what you do, then most certainly you have oily skin. Also, are you struggling with acne, the inflamed type even? Then it must be due to your oily skin that is characterized by dilated pores and an environment that favors inflammation. Leading to acne, zits, pimples, and other kinds of imperfections.

These symptoms become even more obvious under the action of the sun’s rays. Meaning that your oily skin will show even more during the summer, as the heat will stimulate the sebaceous glands even more. So, while during the winter it can be a true blessing to have oily skin, as it is properly protected against the bad weather with minimum effort. In the summer you would do anything to keep it from glowing. But, you shouldn’t fret, as you can keep everything under control with the right skin care routine.


First of all, you need to start by opting for those products that are specially created to address oily skin. If you choose products dedicated to other types of skin you may not obtain the desired results. This is why it is important to know your skin type and use products that are recommended for it. But, before starting to address the matter from the outside, you need to start solving it from the inside.

In other words, you need to stay away from foods that can worsen your skin’s problems. These foods usually are fried foods, like French fries, sodas, chocolate, and other types of unhealthy foods. Adopt a healthy diet and don’t give your skin the occasion to become a mean for toxins to get out of the body.

When it comes to cleansings products, stay away from products that contain oils and wax, as they can, furthermore, clog the pores. Also, be gentle when cleaning your face, as insistent scrubbing will only make things worse. By irritating the skin and making it more prone to infections. Use lukewarm water, which should be not too cold and not too hot either. Cold water doesn’t remove dirt effectively while hot one may be too much for your skin.

IMPURE AND OILY SKIN – skin care for impure and oily skin

Use a toner on your oily skin, those with salicylic acid or based on alcohol are most recommended, as they are highly effective. The toner will remove the sebum and shrink the pores. Use moisturizers with moderation, as oily skin is already too moisturized in a natural manner. In case you have the T-zone, meaning that your cheeks and sides are drier than your forehead, nose, and chin. So, you can use the moisturizer on these areas, to balance the hydration of your skin. Use mud masks now and then, as they are great for reducing sebum and detoxing your face.

They are highly affordable and easy to use, and they help with shrinking the pores as well. Don’t exaggerate with scrubbing treatments, as they can do more harm than well. Do not use them more than once per week, even once every two weeks, and be gentle with your skin when using them. Finally, apply special creams that are created to reduce the oiliness of your skin. This way, you will be able to maintain a great-looking and balanced skin.

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