Intimate Care by orangeBlue

feel fresh every day

As women, we need to feel fresh, confident, and beautiful! This is why orangeblue created ideal INTIMATE CARE products. INTIMATE CARE with Intimissimo from orangeblue containing avocado oil and aloe vera extract. The foam created especially for intimate care and protection is gentle and easy to use, so you’ll feel fresh and amazing every single day. Intimate care for the daily intimate cleaning of orangeblue with INTIMiSSIMO! 

Intimate hygiene

Enjoy intimate cleansing with orangeblue INTIMiSSIMO

orangeblue uses a formula that is free of any harmful component that can disturb the balance of your intimate area. No fragrances, parabens, and other chemicals.

Intimate Hygiene with INTIMiSSIMO

The result is a delicate foam that will help you enjoy a sensation of freshness throughout the day. A practical dispenser will allow you to dose the perfect amount of foam you need for each use. So this will be a product you will enjoy and feel fresh for quite a while.

Paraben free
mineral oil free
100% Vegan
paraffin free
not tested on animals
dermatologically tested

for daily intimate hygiene

Our Testimonials

That’s what our customers say about our intimate care

I am extremely satisfied with INTIMISSIMO because it looks like an ordinary body care product. My favourite detail is the foam, which is better dosed and doesn’t run through my fingers.
A great feeling of freshness, a gentle cleansing and my PH remains stable, recommended my gynaecologist.
It’s so easy and convenient to use on the road. The fresh feeling is simply ingenious.