As we advance in age, we are not growing old. We are becoming wiser, more confident, experienced, and valuable. This is why we need mature skin care products.  That can rise to the level of our expectancies and enhance all these newly gained attributes. Mature skin can still be gorgeous and glow beautifully if it receives what it craves. You need the right level of care !

Mature skin needs the right level of care and attention

A product that contains all the elements required to nourish, hydrate, and protect mature skin is just what you need. If you feel that the products you are currently using no longer answer to your needs. Perhaps you need to direct your attention toward a different group of products.

The orangeblue Body Lotion “TRIPLEX Anti-Aging” was created not just to answer to the needs of mature skin. But also to protect its natural beauty as well. It contains ingredients that were specially picked to restore the skin’s youthful appearance, plumpness, tightness, and beautiful glow.

Mature skin needs the right level of care and attention

Thus, among the ingredients, you will find the precious Q10 coenzyme, caffeine, and Argan oil. The caffeine will fight against the unaesthetic effects of cellulite. While the Argan oil will moisturize, hydrate, and protect the skin. Besides these, the product also contains extracts from 7 different fruits. The purpose of properly nourishing the skin and giving it a valuable vitamin cocktail.

You will love the fact that it gets absorbed fast in the skin. So you won’t have to wait in order to get dressed after applying the lotion to your skin. Use it at least once a day for great results. Although you can use it several times a day if you feel the need. The product is entirely safe and does not present any risks due to the fact that it contains dermatologically tested ingredients only.

Apply a thin layer of lotion on your skin each time you feel the need and massage it for a very short while until it gets entirely absorbed into the skin.

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