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MATURE SKIN – skin care for mature skin

skin care for mature skin

Skin care for MATURE SKIN

MATURE SKIN – skin care for mature skin. No one can stop the passing of time, which will slowly affect the properties of our skin. As we advance in age. The ability of our skin to produce sebum starts to slow down, so that it will increasingly produce less sebum. This translates into a drier skin as we reach an older age. The same happens to the cell renewal process. So, if at 20 years old we enjoyed a plump and smooth skin, later on in life our skin becomes duller and begins losing its elasticity. But, this shouldn’t represent a reason to worry because, with an adequate skin care routine, we can all age beautifully.

General knowledge

Our organism cannot function at 40 years old in the same way it did at 20 years old. It starts slowing down its processes as we age, which means that we need to take better care of us at older ages. While our metabolism is slower, which explains why it is so easy to gain weight when we reach mature ages. At skin level, the production of collagen and fibroblasts also decreases.

Thus, skin begins losing its hydration level easier than before, being dryer and less elastic. The so-called age spots appear as well, where skin pigmentation disorders occur. But mature skin suffers deterioration due to external factors as well, not just from internal ones. As its ability to protect and renew itself is not as it used to be, the sun, diet, wind, tobacco, and other factors can have a visible effect on the mature skin. Thus, extra caution is required.


You probably wonder what is the age when skin can be considered as mature. While this depends on the organism of each person, in general, the age of 35 years old is the one that usually comes with the first signs of mature skin. But, again, depending on each’s history and genetic package, this age can be pushed further or mature skin may appear sooner.

For example, people that excessively expose their skin to the sun are more prone to suffer from premature aging of the skin. The sun dries and damages the skin, so it may get “tired” sooner than it should. Also, a stressful life and unhealthy habits, like smoking, alcohol consumption. A diet poor in nutrients, and others, can trigger a premature aging of the skin. So, not just the age, but external factors as well can make skin look older.

skin care for mature skin


As years pass by, you will feel differences in the texture and appearance of your skin. Also, the skincare products you used to utilize will stop doing their job right, showing that your skin requires a different level of care. This is due to the fact that mature skin is drier and a bit more fragile, needing products that are more hydrating and nourishing. It will also get dehydrated easier, so you need to keep an eye on this aspect.

It will also start looking its natural glow, acquiring a rather dull appearance and a pale complexion. While its firmness also has to suffer due to the slowing down of collagen production. The pores will become larger and wrinkles will grow deeper. The pigmentation of the skin also changes in the case of mature skin, as darker spots appear, the well-known age spots. While we cannot make our skin look young, we can address these symptoms and help it stay in a great shape for as long as it is possible. So, with proper skin care that is adequate for mature skin, we can still enjoy a gorgeous skin.


Considering that mature skin is drier, it is important to cleanse it correctly so that you won’t put additional stress on it with treatments that are too harsh. So, if you have mature skin, it would be best to let go of foam cleansers and opt for cream cleansers. This kind of products will cleanse and restore the hydration of your skin at the same time, by moisturizing it. Also, never go to sleep with your makeup on, as it will damage your skin even more in time. Make the cleansing step part of your daily routine before going to bed. Besides cleaning, exfoliation is another skin care practice that will promote a beautiful and healthy skin.

But, even so, you should not overdo it. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week, but there are cases when skin can withstand the exfoliation process twice a week. So, whenever you exfoliate your skin, pay attention to how it reacts. If it gets too dry or too irritated, exfoliate it less often than you are currently doing it. Every skin is different, so only by observing your skin, you will be able to find the best procedures for it, as there isn’t a general recipe that works for everybody.

The right care for mature skin

Mature skin needs special products to stay healthy, like effective moisturizers and anti-aging agents. So, don’t hesitate to get an anti-wrinkle cream suitable for your age group, especially those that are made to act during the night. At night, our skin regenerates and repairs itself while we sleep, so applying an anti-wrinkle cream on our skin before going to bed is a very healthy habit. Also, when it comes to the area around your eyes, which is more sensitive and prone to dryness and deep wrinkles. It is advisable to use special eye creams instead of simply applying the cream you use for the rest of the face.

Once you reach the age of mature skin, you should direct your attention toward serums, as they are more concentrated than facial creams. You just need to find the right serum for the needs of your skin. Apply just a few drops on the skin during your skincare routine, massaging the product gently into your skin. Serums will stimulate the production of collagen. Skin cell renewal, helping the skin be more hydrated, elastic, and plump. So they are a welcome addition to your beauty ritual.

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