Menstruation occurs every four weeks

Menstruation occurs every four weeks

Menstruation occurs every

four weeks

Menstruation occurs every four weeks, the very first menstruation reveals that puberty has arrived. It normally begins between 10 and 14 years of age. This indicates that the person is now of childbearing age. step-by-step guide to use tampons

And here is what is happening in the body:

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, hormones cause the uterine lining. To build itself up in order to accept a fertilized egg. Ovulation occurs around the middle of the cycle. This means that a single egg cell is released from the ovary and travels to the uterus. If it is fertilized, it attaches itself there. If it remains unfertilized, the body sheds the “unneeded” uterine lining. This is exactly what happens during menstruation. Menstruation cleans the uterus and prepares it once again for a possible pregnancy. Every month for about 40 years.

Menstruation occurs every four weeks

Unfortunately, menstruation may often be accompanied by cramps, especially on the first day. A hot water bottle, quiet and perhaps medication which should be recommended by a gynecologist can help counteract these cramps. A small consolation: menstrual pain decreases dramatically as a rule after the first pregnancy.

Menstruation lasts between three and seven days. The length of time and severity can vary greatly during the years of sexual maturity. One menstrual cycle lasts between 23 and 35 days. The average length is 28 days. Stress or travelling can shift this rhythm quite quickly. Bleeding is generally often still irregular for young girls. This is also the case for older women whose cycles change during menopause until the period ends at about 52 years of age.

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