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Face care is a sub-sector of cosmetics. It focuses exclusively on the well-being and beauty of the face and especially the facial skin. Our face is the part of the body that is simply always visible. But it also plays an important role in our communication. Our facial muscles are constantly in motion. We wrinkle our nose and lift the corners of our mouth and eyebrows. We apply make-up every day and often spend hours in the sun.

Due to daily stress, appropriate, regular and above all thorough facial care is essential. This is the only way to ensure that the complexion is always healthy, young and radiant without oily shine. Balms, creams, masks and other facial care products ensure that our skin cells are supplied with all the necessary nutrients.

However, as with all other parts of the body, the face varies greatly from person to person. Some people struggle with pimples and skin imperfections, others have dry skin, tension and redness, and still others suffer from very oily facial skin.


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