Face Care

Do you wish for smoother, firmer and more youthful skin? Then try our FACIAL SKIN CARE products, which have been specially developed for the skin of your face. There is no more dry and dull skin, fewer fine lines or crow’s feet. Because your skin is properly nourished and sufficiently moisturised. The high-quality face care with Q10 or with real gold and hyaluron also supplies sensitive skin types. Our creams are allergen-free, produced without parabens and mineral oils. With our products you get a very high-quality vegan facial care.

Facial care is a sub-sector of cosmetics. It focuses exclusively on the well-being and beauty of the face and more particularly of the facial skin. Our face is the part of the body that is simply always visible and also plays an important role in our communication. Our facial muscles are in constant motion. We wrinkle our nose and raise the corners of our mouth and eyebrows. We apply make-up every day and often spend hours in the sun.

Due to daily stress, appropriate, regular and above all thorough facial care is essential. This is the only way to ensure that the complexion is always healthy, young and radiant without oily shine. Balms, creams, masks and other facial care products ensure that our skin cells are supplied with all the necessary nutrients.

However, as with all other parts of the body, the face varies greatly from person to person. Some people struggle with pimples and skin imperfections, others have dry skin, tension and redness, and still others suffer from very oily facial skin.

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The good news is that there are perfect cleaning products for every complaint. Specially developed for effective facial care.

The most important part of successful facial care is the right cleansing of the facial skin with the right make-up remover and the right facial cleansing gel.

The day cream plays a very special role and must be chosen with great care. It moisturises the skin throughout the day and gives it a radiant, velvety-soft appearance.

The night cream is an equally important part of facial care. It relaxes and provides the skin with important minerals during the night.

Of course, you can extend your facial care with certain eye creams against tired eyes and crow’s feet. Or special anti-aging creams against premature signs of skin aging and a facial tonic for a refreshing complement to the skin. But to achieve even better results, everything must be perfectly coordinated.