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  • facial tonic for oily skin

    facial tonic for oily skin


    This product is specially designed to provide intense nourishment and moisturization for oily skin. It contains disinfecting and anti-inflammatory substances, as well as nourishing herbal extracts and important vitamins, which are crucial in providing all-day protection against acne. Try this new facial tonic for oily skin and see the difference!

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  • Facial tonic for sensitive skin

    Facial tonic for sensitive skin


    Introducing Facial Tonic: the perfect way to prep your sensitive skin for the rest of your skincare routine. This alcohol-free tonic helps to stabilize your skin’s pH balance, resulting in a more even and smooth complexion. So ditch the harsh astringents and give your skin the gentle, refreshing treatment it deserves with Facial Tonic for sensitive skin.

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