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Velvety Soft Hands with Hand Care from orangeblue. Hand care from orangeblue – Unique care, quickly absorbed! Cold weather, wind, detergents, and cleaning substances, they all affect the health and aspect of our hands’ skin. This is why we need a hand care that is capable of proving the protection and moisturizing our hands need. orangeblue introduces on the market a hand cream that deeply moisturizes your skin, making them soft and properly hydrated, but without leaving a greasy feeling behind. Protection and moisturizing for your hands!

Hands are one of the most stressed parts of the body. Nevertheless, they are often neglected in terms of care. Our hands are used for almost everything we do. They are constantly exposed to dirt, heat, cold and other substances. But even regular hand washing, which is especially important at times like these, removes moisture from our hands, which in turn dries them out. Since our hands are exposed to daily stress, proper and regular care is essential. Only then will our hands feel healthy, fresh and soft. It is particularly important to apply the right hand cream after washing to give the skin the necessary moisture.

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orangeblue fast absorbing, non-greasy hand cream with aloe vera
  • It is important, especially during the cold winter months, to regularly care for your hands with a rich hand cream. The skin becomes particularly dry and brittle due to the cold air outside and the warm air inside.

  • It is always recommended to wear gloves for cleaning. Highly concentrated cleaning products are particularly harmful to the natural fat layer of the skin.
  • Hand massages are important from time to time to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Use mild soaps. So your hands don’t dry out as quickly when you wash your hands.
  • Creams, creams, creams! Especially after washing your hands, you should always apply a moisturizing cream on your hands.

For stressed hands, it is absolutely important to find the right hand cream. Natural fats such as shea butter are particularly important. Shea butter provides sufficient moisture and should therefore be included in every hand cream, especially during the winter months. Although slightly greasier creams can be used at night, hand creams should be absorbed quickly during the day. Otherwise, an oily film is rather annoying. In addition, strongly scented creams should be avoided, especially for very sensitive skin.