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Preserve your vaginal flora with the good intimate care of OrangeBlue. Intimate care for healthy well-being every day! Gentle intimate hygiene should be a natural part of regular personal hygiene for both women and men. Proper care plays a particularly important role here. Otherwise you could damage the extremely sensitive skin area. Smegma forms in the intimate area. It is a body secretion consisting of sebum, dead skin and urine.

Smegma forms in both women and men and is deposited between the lips and under the foreskin. It is extremely important to eliminate smegma with appropriate intimate care. Otherwise, it not only causes an unpleasant smell, but also provides an ideal breeding ground for pathogens and germs. Regular and appropriate intimate hygiene is therefore incredibly important to avoid and prevent various infections.

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  • Intimate Foam

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    The best intimate cleansing foam for all skin types INTIMISSIMO is a special cleansing foam for daily intimate hygiene that supports the natural pH of the genital area. It is gentle and contains avocado oil and aloe vera extract for daily intimate cleansing without soap. INTIMISSIMO is a good choice for women who are looking for gentle and effective intimate care. The unique cleansing foam from orangeblue is suitable for all skin types. It has been gynecologically tested and is soap-free. The foaming agent from soy extract gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. The lactic acid bacteria ensure an optimal pH balance of the skin and protect against itching and irritation. The cleansing foam is ideal for daily body hygiene and intimate cleansing. The contained aloe vera extract nourishes the skin and helps prevent itching and irritation. The cleansing foam is vegan and with Dermasooth.
  • Intimate cleansing foam

    Intimate cleansing foam


    Intimate cleansing foam is a gentle formula that is specially developed to exact harmony with the sensitive vaginal flora. The composition of mild ingredients such as lactic acid and aloe vera preserves the natural acid protection layer of the mucosa and hydrates at the same time. An extra adjunct of allantoin protects against irritation. The soft fragrant confers a feeling of freshness all day long. Another particularity is the fine, creamy wash foam. It spreads instantly when using and protects the skin.

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