Intimate Care

As women, we need to feel fresh, confident, and beautiful! This is why orangeblue created ideal INTIMATE CARE products. INTIMATE CARE with Intimissimo from orangeblue containing avocado oil and aloe vera extract. The foam created especially for intimate care and protection is gentle and easy to use, so you’ll feel fresh and amazing every single day. Intimate care for the daily intimate cleaning of orangeblue with INTIMiSSIMO! 

Gentle intimate hygiene should be a natural part of regular personal hygiene for both women and men. Appropriate care plays a particularly important role here. Otherwise you could damage the extremely sensitive skin area. Smegma forms in the intimate area. It is a body secretion consisting of sebum, dead skin and urine. Smegma forms in both women and men and is deposited between the lips of the vulva and under the foreskin. It is extremely important to eliminate smegma with appropriate intimate care. Otherwise, it not only causes an unpleasant smell, but also provides an ideal breeding ground for pathogens and germs. Regular and appropriate intimate hygiene is therefore incredibly important to avoid and prevent various infections.

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In order not to damage the sensitive acid mantle, only particularly mild intimate care products should be used. Most shower gels and soaps are not necessarily suitable for the intimate area due to their too high PH content. They can dry out the skin and increase its sensitivity to fungi and bacteria. That is why special products must be used for intimate care. They are composed of very gentle, natural and neutral ingredients. They are ideal for intimate cleansing and provide a particularly high and pleasant feeling of freshness.

Gentle and regular intimate hygiene is important. But here too, you should not overdo it in order to protect sensitive skin and its protective acid mantle. Basically, it is recommended to take a complete intimate care with a mild care foam once a day in the shower. If you want to refresh yourself on the way, it is best to use soft intimate wipes.