Tampon disposal box holder

Tampons to be ready, to use and stored in an elegant dispenser

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The perfect way to keep your tampons hygienically stored away. This holder comes with a drawer that can fit an entire packet of tampons, so you’ll always have one ready and waiting. The holder is available in a metal finish and three different colors – light blue, dark blue, and white – so you can choose the one that best goes with your bathroom or guest toilet decor.





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good-bye Tampon Disposal Box Holder

How you like would for your tampons to be ready to use and stored in an elegant dispenser, available in your bathroom around the clock?

In addition to the good-bye hygiene box there is also a stylish holder available, which can be attached to the wall.

And not only that: in this holder there is a drawer into which fits a whole packet of tampons – a useful extra! In this way, you will always have a fresh tampon ready. The result: a total hygiene station. The holder is available in metal finish and in three colors: light blue, dark blue and white. You have the choice of which design will go best with your bathroom or guest toilet. A decorative accessory: the holder for the good-bye hygiene box. In the lower part there is a drawer which holds space for a packet of good-bye tampons.

This Tampon Disposal Box Holder

Comes with a Drawer that Can Fit an Entire Packet of Tampons

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