Tampon disposal box

With it you can make used tampons simply disappear!

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“Get rid of your used tampons the easy way with our tampon disposal box!”

Our tampon disposal box makes it easy to get rid of used tampons without having to think about it too much. Just put them in the box and forget about them until you’re ready to dispose of them properly.





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Tampon Disposal Box:

The Most Hygienic Way to Remove Used Tampons

Tampons are a very important part of the hygiene of every woman. But after they are done doing their job in keeping us clean and fresh, they have to be disposed of. This is when the unpleasant part begins. No matter how we put it, getting rid of a used tampon is not something most women enjoy. Try our good-bye hygiene box to remove used tampons.

If we throw the tampons in the trash bin, they will start producing bad odors after a while. If we throw them in the toilet, things are even worse, as all the materials of the tampons will end up creating a blockage inside the pipes. This means that we will have to pay a plumber to get the problem solved, as we won’t be able to use the restroom anymore.

If you are doing this and did not have to face a clogged toilet, then you are in luck, but we strongly recommend you not to do it anymore. To help you get rid of all these problems, we present the revolutionary good-bye hygiene disposal box by orange-blue, which is a hygiene box that was created precisely for the purpose of getting rid of used tampons in an elegant and comfortable manner.

The final solution the tampon disposal box

The good-bye hygiene box is the centre-piece of our range. With it you can make used tampons simply disappear.

And this is how it works: first you take a small plastic bag from the good-bye hygiene box, into which you place the used tampon. You then throw the bag away through an opening in the top of the box. The used tampon is now hygienically packed and stored odor-free.

Practical and comfortable: the good-bye hygiene box contains 35 small plastic bags and an integrated disposal pouch. The top is sealed by a hinged lid and a special rubber opening.

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