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GoodBye Tampons

feel confident, safe, and beautiful!

In that special period of the month, every woman wishes to feel comfortable, confident, safe, and beautiful. This is why orangeblue created the good-bye Tampons. Which is a brand of tampons that were created to provide the hygiene, security, and comfort you need during those very special days of the month.

Made to be extremely discreet, these tampons are also highly comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your day exactly as you like it. They feature a round tip and a very soft outer layer. So you won’t even feel them as you wear them and inserting them will be a piece of cake. With their help, you can easily go to the gym. Enjoy a shopping session, or simply relax at home, as these tampons will make you feel great.

If regular absorbents are not making you feel right because you cannot ignore their presence. You will love the good-bye Tampons, which are so soft that they are simply invisible. They come in various sizes, according to the flow of fluids during the period.

every woman wishes to feel comfortable

with goodBye Tampons

So, for the best protection, all you need to do is to pick the size that is appropriate for the flow you need to manage. Choose the good-bye Mini package if you have a light flow or if this will be the first time you’ll be using tampons. Then there is the Good-Bye Normal for a flow from light to medium. And, finally, good-bye Super, for medium to heavy flow.

The insertion of these tampons is extremely easy. Just don’t forget to remove the protective plastic package that individually protects each tampon before use. Just flip the tampon and you will see it already starting to come out. So changing your tampon will be a task that takes just a few seconds. good-bye Tampon super – feel confident, safe, and beautiful!

Also, the special design with transversal groves will make sure that the tampon adapts to your body’s shape in no time. You will be protected and comfortable right away. Pair these tampons with the good-bye disposal box hygienic tampon dispenser provided by orangeblue. And you will be able to dispose of your used tampons in a convenient, easy, and odor-free manner.

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