Do you know when it’s the best time to take good care of your skin? During the night, when we sleep, our entire body heals and regenerates. This is when miracles happen. This is when cells renew themselves and tissue repairs itself. Because of this, it is not recommended to lose sleep. At least not if you want to have healthy and glowing skin all the time. OrangeBlue Regenerating Anti-Aging Night Cream – you will love it! 

Of course, sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night is useful for other processes as well, like weight loss. But, getting back to our skin-related issue, proper rest at night is essential for youthful skin. Besides this, you should offer a proper amount of nutrients to your skin as well. This is where night creams come into the scene.

OrangeBlue Regenerating Anti-Aging Night Cream

Applying a night cream at the end of your beauty ritual, before going to bed, helps with skin restoration. A night cream is made to help your skin renew and refresh your skin as you sleep. It is usually more consistent and thicker than day creams. This is because the skin needs additional help to replenish its water supply after a long day. 

So, in the morning, you should wake up with softer and plumper skin. To enjoy the best results, you need to choose a night cream that is adequate for your skin type. Ideally, it should meet your skin’s requirements and contain safe ingredients for long-term use.

So, using an adequate night cream should be part of your daily routine. At the end of the day, removing the makeup and cleansing your skin is highly necessary. You should always go to bed with clean skin. During the day, our skin accumulates dust and airborne particles that can clog our pores and trigger skin issues. 

Anti-Aging night cream

Not to mention the makeup products we are wearing, sometimes for an entire day. It is impossible to have beautiful skin without cleaning all of these off the skin. Thus, you should have a cleansing ritual that is meant to be respected no matter what. No matter how tired you are, if you care about your skin you should always clean it well.

Start by removing the makeup. Micellar water or, even better, a micellar gel will help out. By applying the product on the skin and removing it with a cotton ball, makeup removal is done fast. In the case of micellar products, rinsing is not necessary. If you feel the need to clean your skin thoroughly, washing it with a special product is recommended. There are lotions or facial soaps that are gentler than your everyday-use soap. 

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You could even use a daily scrub if you have skin prone to acne or pimples. Just make sure to close the pores after they are clean, with a tonic lotion. The tonic will remove remaining dust particles and oil and will close the pores. This way, there are lower risks for them to get clogged. Finally, apply a nourishing and moisturizing night cream. Don’t worry if it feels slightly greasy or is a bit heavy on your skin, it will be all gone until morning.

However, if you want to avoid greasy products, you should try the Orange-Blue regenerating anti-aging night cream. Meant to hydrate your skin and restore its healthy aspect, this cream is not greasy at all. Its formula allows a high degree of absorption into the skin. This means that nothing will be lost and your skin will enjoy all the nutrients it offers. 

get a glowing skin

What kind of nutrients are we talking about? Hyaluronic acid, and Inca inchi oil, which is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, are part of this night cream. Another ingredient, the Ambrosia, will tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Finally, the beta-glucan and gold particles will stimulate skin regeneration and renewal. You will notice visible results in a very short while if you respect a proper skincare ritual.

If you want to wake up with a youthful and plumper skin, now you know how to make this possible. Don’t forget to clean it at the end of the day and apply a nourishing cream that will restore its balance. It is worth mentioning that the OrangeBlue night cream contains no chemicals or harmful substances. It is safe and suitable for sensitive skin as well.

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