Dry skin can be very bothering, as it can create discomforts throughout the day, making you feel awkward in your own body. If you have skin that is itchy, without the skin of an obvious skin problem, you see small flakes of skin coming off, especially on the legs, experience a sensation of tightness or have a dull skin, then it means that you have a dry skin. Hydration can be a problem in case of dry skin, as you need adequate products that are capable of penetrating deep into the skin and restoring its proper moisture level. For a supple skin you need the right body care! With the orangeblue body lotion with Almond Oil!

When it comes to restoring the skin’s hydration level, the Almond oil is the perfect candidate. Its healthy fatty acids will not just give back the skin’s own suppleness. But will also create a protective layer on its surface, not allowing moisture to escape during the day.

The orangeblue Body Lotion *Almond Oil* for a supple skin

contains Shea Butter as well, besides Almond Oil. Which means that it has a powerful hydrating and nourishing composition, ideal for the dry or mature skin.

Don’t let dry skin to ruin your day anymore and choose to use a product based on natural ingredients only. The orangeblue body lotion does not contain mineral oils or parabens, so it is safe to use it for a long term. Also, the fragrance used is hypoallergenic, so all you will feel is the soft scent of sweet almonds, without the risk of developing an allergic reaction to any of the lotion’s ingredients. With this body lotion you will experience a wonderful supple skin!

Apply a small quantity of body lotion on your skin and help it be absorbed quickly by massaging it gently on the skin’s surface.

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